Movement Brooklyn was born to a small studio space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 2017.  We built a fun and dedicated community of students! In May 2020,  we made the decision to close our doors due to the uncertainty around reopening a physical space due to Covid-19.  Although it was sad to lose the immediate community that we worked so hard to build, we are now able to reach a much broader audience with our Movement Brooklyn Online Membership.  Join us in building a global community of movers!  We also encourage you to check out our Behind The Movement podcast as well as our blog.

Movement is a generalist practice; we specialize in not specializing.  Humans are born with a great deal of movement potential, but rarely explore more than a couple of layers.  We make it our duty to research the depths in order to speak many languages of movement.  We dive into concepts, ideas, and modalities such as, but not limited to, gymnastics, mobility, weightlifting, dance, martial arts, play, coordination, and rhythm.  We strive for adaptability and freedom of movement.  Fitness is not the focus of the practice, but rather a byproduct of the exploration.  

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