Kyle Fincham grew up in Lake Tahoe where he realized his passion for teaching as a ski instructor.  He studied theater at UCLA, where he could be found regularly in Vaudeville class.  In 2005 he left college and moved to New York to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.  After almost 10 years of chasing laughs he realized his passion for movement, and decided to leave the yucks behind to follow this new path. 

Kyle studied online with Ido Portal from 2015-2020, and attended Movement Camp from 2016-2019.  He is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, currently receiving online education from Tom Weksler, and is deeply influenced by the Fighting Monkey Practice.  Kyle independently researches different movement tools, approaches, and methodologies.  He also travels the world attending movement workshops and seminars to continue his education and bring diverse perspectives to students.  Kyle hosts Behind the Movement, a podcast where he speaks with different movement practitioners to discuss their journeys, philosophies, and insight.

Kyle loves his wife, and co-owner, Alexa.  In his free time he reads books and watches documentaries.

Meet Alexa


Long ago, in a not so far away land, Alexa met Kyle. Their love grew beyond strengthening the body, into strengthening the heart.  And yada yada yada... they are now married and co-founders of Movement Brooklyn.

Alexa is Canadian by birth, but grew up in Westchester County, NY.  She loves working on her handstand, eating cookies and watching Schitt's Creek.

Alexa McInerney

Meet Kyle