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First Time Visitors

All Classes are all levels, so you can attend any class regardless of experience (I know you don't believe it, but it's true!) You can see our full class schedule here. Classes can be purchased and booked online.  Please book your class online prior to coming into the studio in order to expedite the check-in process. First time students should arrive 10 minutes prior to class.  Purchase of a day pass or booking one class from the schedule online entitles you to attend all classes scheduled that day. (i.e. if you sign up for Monday at 6am, you can also attend 7am and 6pm classes that day.)

What to wear: Comfortable clothes

What to bring: You may want to bring a water bottle (we have no water fountain).

Also note that we do not have a shower.  There is a Crunch Fitness a short walk from us, for $10/month you can use their gym/showers.

Single and 10 Day Class Pass holders

ALL DAY CLASS PASSES (single and 10 day) may attend all regular classes at Movement Brooklyn.

Studio Etiquette

  • First time students should arrive 10 minutes prior to class. 

  • Late arrivals must ask permission to join class.

  • No video recording of any kind in the studio.

  • Photos are allowed.

  • Remove all jewelry prior to taking class.

  • Be respectful of your voice/space around you while waiting for class if another class is in session.

  • Put all equipment away when finished.

  • Wipe down all bars and rings if necessary.

  • Have Fun :)


Welcome to Movement Brooklyn!  We are located at 42 West St, behind the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint.  The entrance to our Studio is off of Noble Street.  Walk west on Noble St (towards the water) and you'll see the walkway to our studio on the left, just behind the parking lot for the Brooklyn Expo Center and before you get to West Street.  Note that parking is on the street, we cannot use the parking lot for the Brooklyn Expo center. 

There are a few public transit options:

Subway: Take the G train to the Greenpoint Avenue stop. We are a six minute walk from the G. 

Bus: Take the B32 bus to Franklin/Noble. This stop is less than a block from the studio entrance

Ferry:  Take the East River Ferry to Greenpoint/India Street. We are an 8 minute walk from the ferry.

Still Have Questions?

Contact us via email or phone:


(347) 709-0281

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