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Carl Paoli

Carl Paoli launched Gymnastics WOD in 2010, assisting Jami Tikkanen in coaching Annie Thorisdottir to win back to back CrossFit Games titles in 2011 and 2012, writing the New York Times Bestselling book Freestyle, becoming a member of the Ownership Group of STRIKE MVMNT, and founder of Freestyle Connection - a Media and Digital Learning company based in San Francisco.

Matt Bernstein

Matt is a student of Ido Portal and has an obsession with process, teaching and quality.  Matt began teaching Movement in Brooklyn, NY where he worked with Golden Globe winning actors, Tony Award winning stage performers and people from multiple disciplines.  Matt did not grow up an athlete and has learned much of his practice as an adult.  Matt Started the Boulder Movement Collective, now known as Ape Co Movement School.

Fabio Tavares

An hour of discussion with Fabio Tavares.  Fabio started off as a competitive gymnast before running away to join the circus at the age of 15 to become a professional acrobat. He pursued a life-long career as a physical actor, dancer and movement educator. He has toured the globe performing and teaching with the high-impact STREB -EXTREME ACTION dance company for over 14 years. 

Darci Anderson

An hour of discussion with Darci Anderson.  Darci has been practicing and studying the body and human movement since 2008. Her work is deeply informed by relationships between human animals and non-human animals as well as questions of Nature and Culture.

Hudson Taylor

Listen as Kyle chats with Hudson Taylor.  Hudson is a 3X NCAA All-American wrestler from the University of Maryland and ranks among the top 5 pinners in NCAA history. He is a former wrestling coach at Columbia University and is the Founder and Executive Director of Athlete Ally. Founded in 2011, Athlete Ally's mission is to activate athletic communities to exercise their leadership to eliminate homophobia and transphobia in sports.

Emily Sanderson

An hour of discussion with Emily Sanderson.  Emily is a dance and movement instructor, pole dancer, performer, and practitioner of improvisation.

Alanna Kraaijeveld

An hour of discussion with Alanna Kraaijeveld.  Alanna is a professional contemporary dancer. She has over 15 years experience. Alanna shares her knowledge of movement across various disciplines including dance, theatre, and sports.

Paul McCarthy

An hour of discussion with Paul McCarthy.  Paul "The British Ninja" McCarthy has been the Director of the Martial Arts Program at UCLA since 2009.  He is highly accomplished in a range of martial arts.  Check out his TEDx UCLA Talk.

Dan Covel

An hour of discussion with Dan Covel.  Dan Covel has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2002 and has a Black Belt in Judo. He is the owner of Dan Covel Jiu Jitsu Manhattan. 

Tom Weksler

An hour of discussion with Tom Weksler.  Tom is an accomplished teacher, dancer, martial arts practitioner and lover of different forms of acrobatic disciplines.  Kyle will interview Tom about all things movement, practice and teaching. Q&A will follow.

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