• Kyle Fincham

You Don't Know Bo, The Mover.

"All inventive and creative people, they're not hung up on fixed definitions of what any form of life or reality may be."

-Alan Watts

I first watched the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary You Don't Know Bo a few years ago, and after reflecting on the last few posts I decided to revisit it.

Many believe Bo Jackson is the greatest athlete of all time. Perhaps that is true. What I certainly see is a spectacular generalist, a mover. Even at the highest level of sport specialization, he didn't want to be defined by a single modality. This refusal to be defined gave him the freedom to add tools to his arsenal that he otherwise would have never discovered. In the film, Chuck Klosterman points out that Bo came of age at a time when youth sport specialization was beginning. Instead of embracing the movement, he rebelled. He played football and baseball, and track and field (a two time state champion in the decathlon). When you watch his highlight reel, you can't refute the crossover in skills. He had more brushes to paint masterpieces. Not being a specialist is what made him great.

I could go on, but you should simply enjoy this film about a man unwilling to be defined.

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