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“I've been working with Kyle for almost two years now. My first exposure was through a muscle up clinic at CFV. I was always energetic, but unfocused and certainly not strong. With patience, Kyle taught me the parts of the movement and got me doing strict ring MUs. I'm in my late thirties, so adding new skills to my bag isn't something that happens every day. And with that... I was hooked! I now train with him a few times a week focusing on a variety of movements, motions and skills. 

Kyle has the capacity to breakdown complex ideas into small parts that are fun and achievable. He will know exactly where you ought to be in order to push you to the edge of what you think you can accomplish, without going so far as to leave you feeling demoralized. In privates and group classes alike, Kyle seems to have a running mental ledger of all his student's skill levels, and knows how to push people to make real progress. 

He makes us move in new ways. I've spent years running, biking, swimming and lifting all in straight lines, and the work we do with Kyle has me thinking about my body in a totally new way. It's playful, and it's applicable. 


If all that weren't enough, Kyle is a wonderful person. He's one of those friends who seems to make the hard feel fun.”

Brennan McGrath

Partner at Verdes

“Through Kyle's programming, I have accomplished my fitness goals. I even expanded my goals through his training. Kyle Fincham has encouraged and motivated me to go beyond my comfort zone, reaching success I never thought or dreamed I could reach. Thanks to Kyle, I am not only a better athlete, I am more of someone who believes in himself.”

Cesar B. Solla, Jr.


“Once you have lifted all the weights, run all the sprints, done all the yoga, rolled out on every funny shaped ball, knob, and foam roller and are still wondering about how to find your sense of home in your body...you might stumble towards something simpler - movement. Where to start?


Finding a good mover who you admire is not that hard.

Finding one who is a practitioner of even decent achievement and with some measure of quality can transmit what they have learned raises the bar of difficulty.

And then to find such a one, despite admirable accomplishment, still at the yoke of study and practice and making no claim at having arrived - rarer still

And then to find someone of good humor and character with all the previous aspects in your eye? Improbable.

So I count myself lucky to practice alongside Kyle Fincham, a man who has put in more time than I have (and you have, most likely) in moving skillfully and artfully. Though Kyle is not my only teacher (I have learned from many people), I have learned much from him. You would do well to put yourself to the enjoyable task of learning about the wonder of your moving body under his well-tutored hand. Much will change and open for the better and your body will be graced for it.”

Matthew Stillman

Founder, Primal Derma

“I've been training with Kyle for over 2.5 years and have accomplished things that I never thought I would.

Previously, I just ran on the treadmill and went to the gym. Now, I can do muscle ups, handstands, and so much more in that short time.

While other programs may push you just to lift heavier or burn calories, Kyle trains you how to excel in moving through daily life. Unlike most trainers that just learn from books, he is dedicated to spending an insane amount of time honing his abilities so that he can become a master at training you.

Whatever your fitness goals, you'll come out as the best you when working with Kyle.”

Rob Wu

CEO at CauseVox

“I started working with Kyle a little more than a year ago.  I have been working out in some capacity since the 8th grade, played sports competitively into my freshman year of college and then got very involved with weight training after college.  I did the gym thing for years, went through a marathon phase, and then landed in CrossFit about 6 years ago.  I loved it but after 5 years I was finding myself constantly injured (not blaming CrossFit as the injuries were a result of a life time of pounding on my body and not taking the proper steps to care for it) and losing my enthusiasm for exercise.


I sat down with Kyle and said that I wanted to really focus on strengthening my core as I was suffering from some serious and at times debilitating back issues, he asked me what my goal was and I repeated; “I really want to focus on strengthening my core.” He then stated “That is not a goal.”  For someone who has also spent a career in sales this was a real eye opener for me.  In my professional life I was extremely goal oriented, set a target, achieve it, set a new target.  However in my fitness life the goals had faded to worthless targets like, get to the gym 5 times this week, lose 10 pounds, etc.


In talking with Kyle I realized these are not goals, they are more outcomes.  Goals are the accomplishment of something you can’t do at the present time but if you work hard you can achieve.  This more than anything has been the true benefit of working with him.  We outlined a few short, and long term goals and then put a plan in place to achieve them.  Goals that at the time I didn’t think would ever be possible like holding a 30 second free standing handstand (something I accomplished in about 6 months and now do 5-7 times a day).


The programing is extremely varied, and challenging, it pushes both your body and mind to the edge.  You will be frustrated, and then rewarded in ways that I had not experienced since leaving competitive sports. 


Oh and I now have without question the strongest core I have had in my almost 40 years and I am happy to report that my back issues (issues that a surgeon really wanted to go in and “fix”) are nonexistent.”

Jason Kurz

Sales Manager / Corporate Benefits

“I've been training with Kyle consistently for the past two years. At the time I couldn't even do a strict chip up or a wall facing hand stand. Now, I feel much healthier physically and mentally. I can do a strict muscle up and am close to a free standing hand stand. I am constantly inspired by Kyle in the way he trains himself with resilience and the way he trains his students with compassion and positive energy. Kyle is a force to be reckoned with and I feel incredibly lucky to be his student."

Wu Hanyen

Furniture designer and maker

“I first walked into Kyle’s class in May 2013 and am not exaggerating when I say I could barely do one push up.  I somehow survived the class and 4+ years later Kyle is still helping me achieve goals I never imagined were possible.  What stood out most that day in May 2013 was how welcomed I felt when I introduced myself to Kyle and after class he asked how it went and if I would be coming back.  Kyle is truly a teacher who hones his craft and imparts his knowledge on his students in a way which is unique to each of them.  I am the fittest I have ever been and motivated to maintain this active lifestyle (exercise, nutrition, mind over matter) for the rest of my life. ”

Bryan Rojas

Advertising Sales

“From the moment I met Kyle I knew he was the person that could help me achieve my new goals. I have been very impressed by his knowledge and his ability to connect with his clients. Kyle is very attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. Even on the days where I doubt myself he is always encouraging and motivating. With that said he gets the highest compliments.”

Eleni Greenblatt

Real Estate Broker/SAHM

“I did not grow up athletic. I quit gymnastics because I couldn't do a cartwheel, I never made it to varsity on the high school tennis team, and, as a small person, I was always chosen last in team sports.


It wasn't until my 30s that I started making physical activity a priority. I started with CrossFit, but fell into movement because Kyle's program sounded interesting and because I really wanted to do a muscle-up. Thanks to Kyle and his progressions, I can now do that strict muscle-up. And I'm working on the things that I'm not so good at: mobility, handstands, and more mobility. He's changed my entire mentality of how I work out and progress in movement -- training that makes you better not just at the gym, but in real life. 


Kyle will make you play crazy games that seem nonsensical but help you understand how your body moves in space. He'll push you to do what you think you can do and then push you again to where he knows you can perform. He understands that there are good days and bad days but that you always strive for improvement. I'm super thankful that I found Kyle and started training with him -- it's been one of the best decisions of my life.”

Jess Lin

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